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SWAREFLEX glass reflectors apply the principle of retroreflection: light is reflected back towards the light source by the biconvex glass components - irrespective of the direction from which it arrives at the glass element. This ensures that the path of the road remains clear, even in darkness or poor visibility, and the driver is safely guided, ensuring that he has plenty of time to steer or brake to avoid an accident.

Reflectors are subjected to enormous physical ad chemical stresses on the roads. They need to be highly resistant to pressure and impacts, as well as environmental influences such as abrasion, salt solutions, UV radiation or aggressive exhaust gases.

Thanks to its visual, chemical and  mechanical properties, glass meets the requirements for use in these harsh conditions better than other materials.

SWAREFLEX glass reflectors contain high quality, extremely robust and durable glass elements made of Swarovski technical glass, manufactured in Austria. Those glass elements have a precisely calculated shape to provide optimum reflective performance. The back has a highly reflective silver mirror layer and several special protective coatings. 

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