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SWAREFLEX glass reflectors apply the principle of retroreflection: light is reflected back towards the light source by the biconvex SWARO GLASS REFLECTIVES – irrespective of the direction from which it arrives at the glass element. This ensures that the path of the road remains clear, even in darkness or poor visibility, and the driver is safely guided, ensuring that s/he has plenty of time to steer or brake to avoid an accident.

SWARO GLASS REFLECTIVES are mounted in special plastics to suit their intended use. The angle at which the SWARO GLASS REFLECTIVES are mounted is determined by the tilt of the carrier to ensure the best possible reflectivity values, even over large distances. The ideal combination of materials guarantees excellent resistance to mechanical, climatic and chemical influences and has developed a superb track record in outdoor applications. SWAREFLEX glass reflectors do not require an external energy supply and are inexpensive to install and run. 

In addition to its standard range, SWAREFLEX can also offer individual, bespoke reflector product solutions. Depending on the desired function, the use and size of reflector bodies, the number of SWARO GLASS REFLECTIVES and specific colour combinations of glass, insert and body can be calculated and combined. These are used in a wide variety of areas and especially where reflective surfaces are subject to severe influences, such as in parking divider and guidance systems, speed bumps or road marking studs.